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From fundamental physics to clinical assays: Bridging the gap between neutron scattering and medicin
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Seminar Title: From fundamental physics to clinical assays: Bridging the gap between neutron scattering and medicine/dentistry

Speaker: Dr. Kun V. Tian
Nanoscience & Nanotechnology & Innovative Instrumentation Centre (NAST), Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, Roma, Italy

Evolution of neutron instrumentation and scattering techniques has outpaced its broad application with respect to other spectroscopic determinations. Standardised translation of data from system-specific neutron measurements into useful information for the physical, chemical and indeed medical sciences remains a standing challenge.
Our recent successes in bridging this gap relate atomic-scale structure and phenomena to bulk mechanical properties and material performance in clinical/practical settings. Complementary methodological developments provide non-experts with straightforward routes to easily transcribe result trends into the language of materials science and clinical dentistry/medicine. The talk will cover the pioneering development of the 1st ever successful application of novel time-resolved prompt gamma activation analysis (t-PGAA) in the chemical characterisation of a functional material. This non-destructive technique was used to characterise performance- relevant phase and elementary composition in medical/dental metal-alloy archwires, directly related to industrial production controls under the CE-marking (Conformité Europeene, directive 93/68/EEC, 1993). The technique’s transferability across a wide array of materials, accommodating diverse sample sizes and conditions, supports its strong potential in industrial forensics.
The encompassing successes of our developments relating to fracture toughness in biocements, and transferability to wider materials sciences, will also be briefly presented.

on Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 at 17:30
Lecture Theatre P3, CYM Physics Building

Tea will be served at 17:15 in the Departmental Lobby on the G/F Chong Yuet Ming Chemistry Building

Date/Time13/06/2018 17:30-19:00
VenueLecture Theatre P3, CYM Physics Building

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