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Dental Research Seminar
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Presenter: Yang Weifa, PhD Candidate (University no. 3030026357)

Title: Arecoline Induces DNA Mismatch Repair Deficiency and Its Relevance with Oral Carcinogenesis and Checkpoint Blockade Immunotherapy


PD-1/PD-L1 checkpoint blockade immunotherapy exhibits profound efficacy for advanced stage patients with oral cancer. However, the response rate to anti-PD-1 varies among patients and there is a lack of robust molecular predictors. To define a subgroup of oral cancer patients with high response rates to anti-PD-1 will not only improve personalized medicine, but also reduce social healthcare burden. Therefore, studies on defining a better candidate for checkpoint blockade immunotherapy among oral cancer patients are urgently needed. Recently, cancers harbor DNA mismatch repair deficiency (dMMR) are revealed to produce more cancer neoantigens, which confer a better response to immunotherapy. We have profiled the genetic landscapes of areca nut-induced oral cancer through high-throughput sequencing technology. Our preliminary data showed that compared with oral cancer induced by tobacco, the areca nut-induced oral cancer had prevalent dMMR signaling, which was positively correlated with microsatellite instability (MSI). These data promote us to hypothesize that dMMR may define a new candidate of areca nut-induced oral cancer for checkpoint blockade immunotherapy. In this proposal, we aim to 1) validate dMMR/MSI in areca nut-induced oral cancer, 2) elucidate the association of dMMR with tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) and PD-1/PD-L1 expression, and 3) investigate the therapeutic efficacy of PD-1 blockade in arecoline-induced oral cancer with dMMR in preclinical models. This proposal will potentially revolutionize personalized medicine in this life-threatening oral cancer.

Date/Time13/02/2018 12:45-13:15
VenueThe Lounge, 7/F, The Prince Philip Dental Hospital

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