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In vitro models of Hepatitis B and Ebola viruses replication: Applications for drug discovery
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In vitro models of Hepatitis B and Ebola viruses replication:
Applications for drug discovery
Prof Marc P Windisch
Institut Pasteur Korea

Dr. Windisch received his Master- and Ph.D. degrees at the Center for Molecular Biology Heidelberg and at the Medical University of Heidelberg in Germany working on hepatitis B- and hepatitis C viruses (HBV & HCV), respectively. Since 2007, he is Principal Investigator at the Institut Pasteur Korea (IPK), a translational research organization, where he has established the Applied Molecular Virology Laboratory dedicated to drug discovery and early drug development. In 2018, Dr. Windisch became acting Executive Director of the Discovery Biology Division at IPK overseeing RnD efforts of 7 teams. In his function as Viral Drug Discovery Project Leader, Dr. Windisch developed a pre-clinical drug candidate with a novel mechanism of action for chronic HCV which was licensed out. In addition, he devised strategies for cell-based, phenotypic, target-free high content/throughput screening (HCS/HTS) campaigns to identify drugs and/or novel host targets for HIV, HCV, Dengue, HBV, Zika, Ebola, MERS-CoV, and hepatitis E virus. Furthermore, in collaboration with international and local companies, he conducted HTS campaigns and structure-activity relationship studies. Since 2016, Dr. Windisch is Professor at the University of Science & Technology in Korea at the Department of Chemical Biology guiding Master and Ph.D. students, investigating the spread of HBV in vitro, the transmission of the virus from cell-to-cell, the involvement of lipids in viral entry, etc. Dr. Windisch has interest in RnD of viral interventions (small molecule, peptide, antibody, RNAi), innate immunity, lipids, disinfectants, and he has a start-up mindset.

Date/Time27/02/2018 16:30-18:00
VenueHRI-703, 7/Fl, 5 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

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