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Seminar: Never Waste a Good Crisis: Toward Responsible Data Management
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Never Waste a Good Crisis:
Toward Responsible Data Management

Professor Klaas Sijtsma
Department of Methodology and Statistics
School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Tilburg University

In this presentation, I will discuss four topics related to research integrity that have consequences for the way researchers manage their data. First, I will discuss the occurrence of a large number of recently exposed scientific fraud cases inside and outside The Netherlands, and ask what their implications are for the scientific enterprise and its public image. Second, I will switch to Questionable Research Practices (QRPs) and argue that, compared to fraud cases, they constitute a much bigger problem for science. I discuss the origins of QRPs, and pay attention in particular to the use of statistics. I explain why statistics is so difficult for researchers and why it is unreasonable to expect that researchers can use statistics without running into serious problems. Third, I explain why science policy rather than additional statistics training may help to improve the use of statistics and reduce the occurrence of QRPs. Fourth, I discuss some of my own experiences with data fraud and QRPs and explain some of the interventions we introduced at Tilburg University to fight QRPs.

Sijtsma, K. (2016). Playing with data - Or how to discourage questionable research practices and stimulate researchers to do things right. Psychometrika, 81, 1-15.

About the speaker
Klaas Sijtsma is Professor of Methods and Techniques of Psychological Research at Tilburg University. He has published more than 200 articles and chapters on methodological and statistical topics, mainly in the area of psychometrics. He is the author of the Dutch-language textbook Test theory (with Pieter Drenth) and a monograph on nonparametric item response theory (with Ivo Molenaar). Prof. Sijtsma was chair of the Dutch Committee on Tests and Testing (2005-2010), President of the Psychometric Society (2010-2011), and Dean of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (2011-2017).

Date/Time23/01/2018 12:45-14:00
VenueRoom 408-410, Meng Wah Complex, HKU

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