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樂見台灣:作曲大師之夜 Wen-pin Chien & Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra
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Event Type: Performance Arts (music, dance, drama etc.)
Event Nature: Culture and Arts

Event Details

CHIH-YUAN KUO 郭芝苑 Folk Song and Pick Tea Dance《民歌與採茶舞》
SHUI-LONG MA 馬水龍 The Peacock Flies Southeast《孔雀東南飛》
YUAN-CHEN LI 李元貞 Intermezzo: Shang 間奏曲《商》
NAN-CHANG CHIEN 錢南章 Four South Island Art Songs 四首南島藝術歌曲

國際著名指揮簡文彬與高雄市交響樂團,將帶來一場展現台灣原創及在地作品的音樂會。郭芝苑創作領域橫跨通俗與嚴肅音樂,擅長在古典音樂架構中,植入台灣本土音樂素材,《民歌與採茶舞》取材自台灣歌謠,充分流露郭芝苑對本土文化深刻的關懷。《孔雀東南飛》為馬水龍讀完原詩之後,有感而作,該曲曾獲中山文藝創作獎。 李元貞作品間奏曲《商》,以創作關注台灣當代議題,並以音樂作為反思。錢南章根據南島曲調素材所作之《四首南島藝術歌曲》,表現祭祀、祝福、歡慶,及對大自然的崇拜。

In the middle of the twentieth century, Taiwanese composers began to preserve local musical cultures, especially of their aboriginal tribes, by infusing elements from their own heritage with the Western musical architecture. Under the baton of Wen-pin Chien, the Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra will bring us an evening of four important Taiwanese contemporary works by Chih-yuan Kuo, Shui-long Ma, Yuan-chen Li, and Nan-chang Chien.

Date/Time14/10/2017 20:00-21:30
VenueGrand Hall, Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre, Centennial Campus, HKU

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Registration is open from 13/09/2017 09:00(HKT) to 13/10/2017 15:00(HKT) on a first-come-first-served basis. The registration quota for this event is 1450. Registrants will be placed on a waiting list if the registration quota is reached.

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For ages 6+ | Approximately 1.5 hours without intermission
The presenter reserves the right to change the programme

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