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藝道同行(四) ─ 蕭立聲藝術展 The Companionship of Art (IV) – Exhibition of Artworks by of Siu Lap-sing
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Event Type: Exhibition
Event Nature: Culture and Arts

Event Details

該系列的第四個展覽將展出蕭立聲先生 (1919-1983) 之藝術作品。

時間:星期一至五 10:00-17:00
電話:3917 5598

The Companionship of Art (IV) – Exhibition of Artworks by Siu Lap-sing

In this year, Jao Tsung-I Petite Ecole of The University of Hong Kong will organize a series of exhibitions - “The Companionship of Art”, displaying artworks by four artists who had a profound friendship with Professor Jao Tsung-i in the 60’s to 80’s of the 20th century, including Mr. Wong Hon-kiu, Mr. Peng Ximing, Mr. Van I-Pong, and Mr. Siu Lap-sing.

The last exhibition of the series will present Mr. Siu Lap-sing’s artworks.

Siu Lap-sing (1919-1983), native to Chaozhou of Guangdong province, from the same hometown of Professor Jao. Even when Mr. Siu was still in Chaozhou, he had already been a well-known artist of human figure painting. After settling in Hong Kong, he mainly depicted beauties but occasionally created landscape and flower-and-bird paintings.
In the late 50’s of the 20th century, Mr. Siu and Professor Jao, Mr. Van, and Mr. Peng had frequent contact, usually getting together at Professor Jao’s or Mr. Van’s place, discussing Chinese painting and producing artworks collaboratively. Professor Jao suggested Siu developing his own style in human figure painting based on Muxi Fachang and Liang Kai of the Song dynasty. Since then, Siu had combined the simplified technique of both masters and began his Lohan painting, and later it had become his characteristic art form. Starting from the 60’s, he has been called “Lohan Siu”.

In this exhibition, most of the artworks are collections of Professor Jao and his family, and some are from various collectors in Hong Kong, containing meticulous beauty-figure paintings in his early period and later works in the topic of Lohan, as well as landscape paintings, and collaborative paintings with Professor Jao. From these exhibits, the features of each phase of Mr. Siu are clearly demonstrated.

Date: 12 September – 13 October 2017
Venue: Jao Tsung-I Petite Ecole, HKU
(Tang Chi Ngong Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, HK)
Telephone: 3917 5598

Date/Time12/09/2017 to 13/10/2017 10:00-17:00
Venue香港大學饒宗頤學術館展覽廳 Jao Tsung-I Petite Ecole, HKU

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