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GE2017-02A 求學不求分 Learning Beyond Scores and Credits (For Public)
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GE Lecture Series 通識講座系列:

What We Talk About When We Talk About Education?

十幾廿歲的大學生,青春人生的大部分時間都在返學讀書,對於「教育」應該有最切身的體會。所謂「知識改變命運」,眾所周知學習的重要,但「改變命運」的目標,究竟是搵份有前途的好工、還是成為「有教養的人」(an educated person)?有說教育的初衷,是要啟發和培養學生的好奇心和求知慾,將之成為終身的資產,但在制度化的框架下,我們如何能實踐教與學的理想?港大校訓「明德格物」,寓意大學師生要發揚人與生俱來的德性,學習明辨事物的本質,我們有信心做到嗎?這學期,通識邀請同學一起思考如何活得好,既然大家相聚於此,就來一起談談何謂理想的大學和教育吧!

University students cannot be strangers to ‘Education’, as they have spent most of their lives studying in schools. It is said that ‘knowledge can change one’s destiny’, but does ‘destiny’ refer to getting a good job or simply being an educated person? One of the purposes of education is to stimulate and cultivate students’ curiosity and desire to learn, and to make it a lifelong enrichment. But under the limitations of institutionalisation, how can we go towards realising the ideals of teaching and learning? HKU’s Latin motto, Sapientia et Virtus, conveys the application of knowledge to the necessities of life, subject to moral restraints. Are you confident in reaching this goal? While the GE theme of this semester is to reflect on the ways to live well, let’s talk about the essence of our current stage in life—University and Education.

#1 Learning Beyond Scores and Credits 求學不求分


Dr. Hui Po-keung 許寶強博士
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University;
Co-founder, Mobile Co-learning Classroom

Dr. Donna Chu 朱順慈博士
Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK
香港中文大學新聞與傳播學院副教授、火星媒體(Mars Media)負責人,研究範疇包括傳媒教育、青少年媒介文化及網絡媒體等,正職以外亦活躍於創作,著有小說《現在未來式》、《自由之方》,以及製作獨立電影《佳釀》。

黃政鍀 Wong Ching Tak
President, The Hong Kong University Students’ Union, Session 2017

Date/Time14/09/2017 18:45-20:45
VenueKB223, Knowles Building

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