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Workshop: Genetic Variation, Genome Architecture and the Transcriptome in Development and Disease
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Event Details

It is now possible to define global profiles of gene expression (transcriptome) down to single cell resolution and access epigenetic modifications of the genome (epigenome) which link to the identification of regulatory elements in the genome. Through a series of research talks and technical workshops, by international experts, this ASW aims to update researchers on the latest advances in dissecting gene regulatory circuits on a genomic scale that drive a cell from one functional state to the next during development, growth and disease. The ASW will cover the latest approaches to access dynamic changes in genomic architecture, gene expression in single cells and the emerging roles of non-coding RNAs, for the construction of hierarchical models of the pathways and gene regulatory network changes that drive the differentiation process or pathogenic mechanisms.

The ASW will be open to all, but places in the hands-on practical workshops will be limited to registered participants. Registered participants will also have the opportunity to present their work and discuss with the experts.

Session 1Genome Architecture & Gene Regulation I
07/06/2017 08:45-17:30
Session 2Genome Architecture & Gene Regulation II
08/06/2017 09:15-13:00

Registration Instruction

Registration is open from 12/05/2017 10:00(HKT) to 26/05/2017 23:59(HKT) on a first-come-first-served basis. The registration quota for this event is 100.

* Registration is now closed.

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