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Cavallo Point Prints Exhibition 塑膠藝術展覽
posted by HKU Sustainability Office for HKU and Public
Event Type: Exhibition
Event Nature: Culture and Arts

Event Details

The “Cavallo Point Prints” bring a fresh perspective to the story of plastics. Using colorful plastic debris fragments from Kehoe Beach in California, Richard and Judith Lang assembled the many toys, barrettes, toothbrushes etc. they found into statements of art. They hope this artistic repurposing will bring out issues of global plastic pollution.

「Cavallo Point Prints」以新穎的角度向你訴說塑膠的故事。美國加州的Richard & Judith Lang夫婦在奇猴沙灘上發現了許多五顏六色的塑膠碎片,當中包括玩具、髮夾、牙刷等等。他們憑藉自身的藝術觸覺,用那些塑膠廢物堆砌了一批藝術品,希望帶出塑膠污染的問題。

Date/Time12/04/2017 to 12/05/2017 10:30-17:30
VenueInspiring Gallery, Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre 龍虎山環境教育中心匯展堂

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