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Philosophy seminar: Thursday, 23 March, 4:00 -5:30pm
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Event Details

The Self-Other Asymmetry in Ethics

Christoph Fehige
Saarland University


Most people would agree that an agent is at greater liberty to lessen
her own welfare (for example, to give away some of it) than she is to
lessen the welfare of others. The difference is referred to in ethics as
the self-other asymmetry. Various well-known moral doctrines show no
signs of accommodating the asymmetry, and utilitarianism is one of those

From that diagnosis, we can think in two directions, and the talk will
explore them both. On the one hand, how should utilitarians modify their
doctrine if they acknowledge the asymmetry? The task turns out to be
trickier than one might have thought. But also, should utilitarians, or
anybody else, acknowledge the asymmetry in the first place, or is there
reason to doubt that it exists?

Date/Time23/03/2017 16:00-17:30
VenueRoom 1027, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU

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