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Title: Oral health related behaviours and oral health status of Hong Kong institutionalised adults with intellectual disability

Presenter: SUEN Po Chu (MPhil candidate, University No.: 3030026163)

Objectives: To describe the oral health related behaviours and oral health status of Hong Kong adults with intellectual disability (ID) residing in institutions.

Methods: Systematic sampling was used to select 16 out of the 96 government-subsidised residential care institutions for adults (aged >17 years) with ID. All adults with mild to severe ID were invited. Background and oral health related behaviour information was obtained from questionnaire while data on oral health status were obtained from oral examination.

Results: A total of 615 subjects (296 men, 319 women) from 16 institutions participated in this study. There were similar number of subjects in the two age groups: 18-44 and 45-76 years. Most (58%) of the subjects were at moderate grade of ID. Nearly all (91%) of them brushed their teeth twice or more a day and three quarters (76%) of them had sugary snacks less than once a day. Over half (55%) of them had regular dental check-up and majority (80%) of them had their last visit within the last two years. Two-thirds (67%) of them had periodontal pocket of ≥4mm. The mean DT, MT, FT and DMFT scores of the 18-44 year-old group with moderate ID were 0.4±0.9, 4.4±6.1, 1.6±2.0 and 6.4±6.7 respectively; and those of the 45-76 year-old group with moderate ID were 0.3±0.7, 12.4±9.0, 1.8±2.3 and 14.4±8.7 respectively. The mean MT and DMFT scores of the older group were significantly higher than those of the younger group (p<0.001). Only 11% of them had dental prosthesis.

Conclusions: Hong Kong institutionalised adults with ID had satisfactory oral health related behaviours. Their gingival health was poor and periodontal pockets were common. Missing teeth was common in this population but not untreated decayed teeth. Dental prosthesis was rarely found in this population.

Date/Time05/04/2017 12:45-13:05
VenueThe Lounge, 7/F, The Prince Philip Dental Hospital

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