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Public Seminar of Physics RPg Student
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Event Details

Public Seminar of Physics RPg Student

Topological Responses from Chiral Anomaly in Multi-Weyl Semimetals

Mr. Zemin HUANG


Weyl semimetals are topological materials with accidental band-touching points, Weyl nodes, in the three-dimensional Brillouin zone. In multi-Weyl semimetals, these Weyl nodes are characterized by multiple monopole charges, which enhances their low-energy density of states significantly. Topological responses to both electromagnetic fields and axial electromagnetic fields originating from chiral anomaly in multi-Weyl semimetals are systematically studied. It has been found that inhomogeneous strains would modify the anomalous Hall conductivity linearly. The axial electric field leads to an axial Hall current that is proportional to the distance of Weyl nodes in momentum space. Due to the chiral anomaly, both a finite chiral chemical potential and a shift of chemical potential could induce either electric currents or axial currents. These axial currents from chiral anomaly may generate chirality accumulation through delicately engineering the axial electromagnetic fields even in the absence of external electromagnetic fields. Therefore, this work provides a nonmagnetic mechanism of generation of chirality accumulation in Weyl semimetals.

Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Date/Time22/03/2017 11:00-11:30
VenueRm 518, 5/F, Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building, HKU

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