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Philosophy seminar: Friday, 24 March, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Event Type: Public Lecture/Forum/Seminar/Workshop/Conference/Symposium
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Event Details

Exceptional Logic

Bruno Whittle
University of Glasgow


The aim of the talk is to argue that all—or almost all—logical rules have exceptions. In particular, it will be argued that this is a moral that we should draw from the semantic paradoxes. The idea that we should respond to the paradoxes by revising logic in some way is familiar. But previous proposals advocate the replacement of classical logic with some alternative logic. That is, some alternative system of rules, where it is taken for granted that these hold without exception. The proposal of the talk is quite different. According to this, there is no such alternative logic. Rather, classical logic retains the status of the ‘one true logic’, but this status must be reconceived so as to be compatible with (almost) all of its rules admitting of exceptions. This would seem to have significant repercussions for a range of widely held views about logic: e.g. that it is a priori, or that it is necessary. The arguments of the talk would seem to overturn such views.

Date/Time24/03/2017 10:00-12:00
VenueRoom 1027, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU

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