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[GUIDED TOUR 導賞] Imagining Qianlong 乾隆意象:路易十五的中國皇帝掛毯與北京宮廷戰圖銅版畫
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Event Details

“Imagining Qianlong: Louis XV’s Chinese Emperor Tapestries and Battle Scene Prints at the Imperial Court in Beijing” Exhibition

The University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) will present “Imagining Qianlong: Louis XV’s Chinese Emperor Tapestries and Battle Scene Prints at the Imperial Court in Beijing” from March 15 to May 28, 2017. This unprecedented exhibition highlights four of the magnificent “chinoiserie” tapestries of Chinese Emperor Qianlong, woven after designs by François Boucher at the famous Beauvais manufactory from 1758–1760. The large and well-preserved textiles form part of the royal French commission by King Louis XV, part of which was presented to Qianlong in 1766.

These celebrated tapestries are joined by another historic set of culturally related depictions in print. “The Battles of the Emperor of China” were ordered by Qianlong and drawn by Jesuit painters at the Imperial Court in Beijing, and then printed in Paris 1769–1774. The ‘culture’ of these prints follows King Louis XIV’s influential images of the “Histoire du Roi” and presents Qianlong as both a war hero and the undisputed leader of China in the mid-eighteenth century.

These depictions date to the exact same time period, one that coincides with the high demand for “chinoiserie” in France—culminating in the world-famous designs by Boucher—and the Imperial Court of China’s interest in French design and culture. Despite their world-renowned fame, these groups of images previously have not been shown together.

“Imagining Qianlong” presents one of the rare topics to celebrate the court cultures in both France and China, at a time when the empires idolised each other and cultural influences and exchanges were highly significant and supported by well-established and prosperous monarchs during an increasingly enlightened eighteenth century.

In order to highlight the cross-cultural aspects of this project, Pascal Bertrand (Lille), Nicholas Pearce (Glasgow) and Kristel Smentek (MIT) have contributed essays to an exhibition publication detailing the sociocultural history of the tapestries and prints. Each scholar is an expert in their fields and well-versed lecturers on Chinese art in France and on French and European Jesuit culture in China.


香港大學(港大)美術博物館將由2017年3月15日至5月28日舉辦《乾隆意象:路易十五的中國皇帝掛毯與北京宮廷戰圖銅版畫》展覽。是次史無前例的展覽,以四件富有「中國風」裝飾趣味的乾隆皇帝形象掛毯為焦點。這批掛毯根據名聞遐邇的博韋作坊畫師布歇(François Boucher, 1703-1770)在一七五八年至一七六零年間創作的圖樣編織而成。這批織物尺寸龐大而保存完好,屬於法皇路易十五(1715至1774年在位)委製的作品,其中部分用作一七六六年送贈乾隆皇帝(1736至1795年在位)的禮物。

展覽同場呈獻一套與上述著名掛毯在文化意涵上關聯密切的歷史版畫,《乾隆平定西域得勝圖》。此系列銅版畫由乾隆皇帝下旨,經供奉於北京朝廷內的耶穌會傳教士畫家繪製,一七六九年至一七七四年在巴黎鑄印。這一「文化關聯」在於這些銅版畫承繼路易十四(1643-1715在位)影響深遠的《法皇路易十四的故事》(Histoire du Roi)掛毯系列圖像風格,而呈現乾隆皇帝作為十八世紀中葉首屈一指的國家首領和榮膺蓋世功勛的英雄形象。掛毯和銅版畫的製造時間相若,正值「中國風」在法國風靡一時,並以布歇的設計圖樣聞名於世而達至巔峰,同期間中國宮廷對法國的裝飾與文化興趣盎然。雖然這一系列描繪中國皇帝的掛毯和乾隆御製頌揚戰功的得勝圖同樣舉世聞名,但以往未曾同場展示。



Date/Time20/05/2017 15:30-16:00
Venue1/F, T.T. Tsui Building, University Museum and Art Gallery, HKU

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