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Africa-China:Mapping an Emergent Axis
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This discussion series examines the spatial, political, economic, and cultural parameters of China’s relationship with the African continent. The ideological origins of socialist China’s engagement with African countries derive from the rhetoric of Mao Zedong himself, who first coined the term “intermediate zone” in 1946 to spatialize the vast expanse of contested territories and undecided loyalties sandwiched between the ideological poles of the Soviet Union and the United States after World War II. Today, the scale of China-Africa relations has changed dramatically, making it one of the most important geopolitical bonds of the twenty-first century.

Lectures by scholars in fields ranging from landscape design to architectural design to history to cultural studies will help give shape and texture to the nature and dynamics of China’s engagement with African countries. Through these talks, we hope students and faculty will gain a deeper understanding of the complexities at work in the physical indices—buildings, infrastructure, as well as terrain—of Chinese-African engagement and exchange.

Session 1Discussion 1
02/03/2017 12:45-13:45
at KB622/623, 6/F Knowles Building, HKU
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"China-Africa: A Brief Architectural History" by Cole Roskam and "Gold Networks: Transnational Flows of Mining Technologies and Capital in Early Johannesburg" by Dorothy Tang
Session 2Discussion 2
30/03/2017 12:45-13:45
at KB622/623, 6/F Knowles Building, HKU
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"Urban Africa, Made in China" by Justin Hui
Session 3Discussion 3
27/04/2017 12:45-13:45
at KB622/623, 6/F Knowles Building, HKU
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“Chinese soft power and African cosmopolitan futures” by Roberto Castillo with Facil Tesfaye
Session 4Discussion 4
23/05/2017 16:00-18:00
at KB419, 4/F Knowles Building, HKU
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“BRICS Cities: What are we comparing?” by Philip Harrison with Yan Yang

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